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"Don't give up. No matter how bad or scary it gets. Not even when you ask yourself 'What am I doing here?'"

Dr. Patricia S. Cowings


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Seeking Science Fair Judges

Started by Jori Mann Feb 13. 0 Replies


Started by Marcella Muhammad Nov 14, 2013. 0 Replies

You can find educational and science toys at Toys-R-Us, but other places like Barns and Nobel, Radio Shack, Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry some nice educational, math and science toys and kits. There are lots of online sources for science toys. Here are a few we came across that offer some good choices.
Great site! Lots of toys of all types, great information on choosing toys and a search index by interest, age, gender, price and even country of origin. - Almost every STEM professional played with legos. - Leapfrog is a good program for learning for all ages and all subjects. - Just about every cool science kit you can think of.

Robotics Toys: - Very reasonable prices for cool robots - Fun beginner kits at affordable prices - Large variety of beginner to advanced "build your own robot" kits - Mostly for schools, so start the conversation over eggnog

Serious Robotics Toys: $$$ but wow! Great for parent/child projects. - These kits work with the LEGO® NXT Intelligent Brick


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S1 E9: Lab Love

Dr. Gilbert and team coined the term Lab Love, describing the interaction and environment of the Clemson University School of Computing's Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Lab. What is lab love? Find out here!


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Did You Know?

In 1981, Dr. Charles Dwight Lahr became the first African-American to get tenure in a department of mathematics of an Ivy League School.

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Science News


Maya Angelou Dies, Inspiring New Scientists

Baton Rouge teen wins top award at international science competition

(WAFB)A Louisiana teen, who happened to be the only student from the US invited to Africa for a big international science competition, walked away with the grand prize.

Jalen Scott, an eighth grade student at Kenilworth Science and Technology Charter School in Baton Rouge, won for having the best overall project at the Golden Climate International Environmental Project Olympiad in Nairobi, Kenya.

Full Story (with video) here

8 Ancient Beliefs Now Backed By Modern Science

by Alena Hall

(The Huffington Post) - The Earth may not be flat nor is it the center of the universe, but that doesn't mean old-world intellectuals got everything wrong. In fact, in recent years, modern science has validated a number of teachings and beliefs rooted in ancient wisdom that, up until now, had been trusted but unproven empirically.

Read more here

5 reasons technology world needs more geek girls

By Teo Kermeliotis and Jessica Ellis, CNN

(CNN) -- "It was like taking a big leap of faith."

That's how Regina Agyare describes her decision back in 2012 to leave her well-paid job at a major international bank in Ghana's capital Accra to follow her dream and embark on her own entrepreneurial journey. Having worked for six years as the bank's only female IT specialist, Agyare quit everything to create Soronko Solutions, a software development company.

Read more


Husband, wife Army scientists receive Black Engineer of the Year Awards

By Amanda Rominiecki, RDECOM CERDEC Public Affairs 


Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center, engineers Donald and Courtney Coulter were both recognized for engineering excellence from the Black Engineer of the Year Awards STEM Conference, Feb. 8, 2014, in Washington, D.C.

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Feb. 19, 2014)-- Two U.S. Army computer scientists were recognized for their individual contributions to the scientific community at the annual Black Engineer of the Year Award STEM Conference Feb. 8.  

Full article here



St. Louis Science Center demonstrates brain teaser puzzles

(March, 4 2014)


ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis Science Center (SLSC) educator - and Black nueroscientist - Jason Torrey played a few brain teaser puzzles with reporter Tim Ezell to show what we are learning about the brain and how it works.
Neuro Day at the SLSC is from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, March 8.


More information on Neuro Day can be found here



She's a beauty and a geek: Supermodel is a coder

Lyndsey Scott, 29, studied computer science in college before becoming a model.


(CNN) - So what will the world make of Lyndsey Scott, a model for Prada and Victoria's Secret, who spends her spare time building mobile apps? The 29-year-old has appeared in major magazines like Harper's Bazaar, W and British Vogue, but seems more proud of getting her iPhone and iPad apps approved by Apple.

Read her full story here


More Than 100K African American Parents are Now Homeschooling Their Children


by  on October 6, 2013 


"We hear so much about the plight of Black children and their low test scores. We have not heard that African American children who are homeschooled are scoring at the 82 percent in reading and 77 percent in math. This is 30-40 percent above their counterparts being taught in school. There is a 30 percent racial gap in schools, but there is no racial gap in reading if taught in the home and only a 5 percent gap in math."

Read more


New Flight Opportunity for School Districts: Announcing Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP) Mission 6 to the International Space Station for 2014


Time Critical: interested schools are directed to inquire about the program no later than October 31, 2013


Washington, D.C. – The National Center for Earth and Space Science Education (NCESSE), and theArthur C. Clarke Institute for Space Education, in partnership with NanoRacks LLC, announce a new opportunity for school districts across the U.S. and internationally to participate in the eighth flight opportunity of the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program (SSEP).


SSEP Mission 6 to ISS will provide each participating community a real research mini-laboratory capable of supporting a single microgravity experiment, and all launch services to fly the mini-lab to ISS in Fall 2014, and return it safely to Earth for harvesting and analysis. Mirroring how professional research is done, student teams across the community submit research proposals, and go through a formal proposal review process to select the flight experiment. The design competition–from program start, to experiment design, to submission of proposals by student teams–spans 9 weeks from February 24 to April 28, 2014. Content resources for teachers and students support foundational instruction on science in microgravity and experiment design. Additional SSEP program elements leverage the experience to engage the entire community, embracing a Learning Community Model for STEM education.





Super Soaker creator, Lonnie Johnson, awarded $72.9M from Hasbro


The Atlanta-based company behind the Super Soaker water gun and Nerf toy guns has been awarded nearly $73 million in royalties from toymaker Hasbro Inc., according to the law firm King & Spalding.

Read more here



The Only Black Woman-Owned Chemical Manufacturing Company Makes $20M A Year




(Chicago Grid) - 

For Linda McGill Boasmond, the chemistry was right.

After years of managing plants for other people, “I thought it was time I did it for myself,” she says of her decision nine years ago to become the sole owner of Cedar Concepts Corp., a chemical manufacturing plant on the South Side.

Click here to Read The Article 



TCU admits 11-year-old first-year student


Carson Huey-You wants to become a quantum physicist.

August 26, 2013

First-year student Carson Huey-You wants to become a quantum physicist. He scored a 1770 on the SAT, and he was co-valedictorian of his senior class. This semester he is taking 14 hours. His class load, which includes calculus and physics, has him moving between Beasley, Bass and Winton-Scott Halls. His mother, Claretta Huey-You, is never far away.



Morehouse College Students Launch High-Altitude Research Balloon at UW


Students from Morehouse College ready a high-altitude research balloon for launch at UW’s balloon launch facility, located near Laramie Regional Airport. (Don Roth Photo)


Rather than watching fireworks over the Fourth of July weekend in sweltering Atlanta, students from Morehouse College spent their time launching a high-altitude research balloon at the University of Wyoming and throwing snowballs in the Snowy Range.

Thirty-eight students and faculty from the historically black college participated in the joint National Science Foundation (NSF) undergraduate program called the High Altitude Research Platform (HARP). The UW Strategic Diversity Initiatives(SDI) Committee and the School of Energy Resources (SER) sponsored the Morehouse visit to UW, which took place July 5-6. The UW Department of Atmospheric Science headed the balloon launch. 

Read the full story here



Dolphins 'call each other by name'

By Rebecca Morelle


(BBC World) Scientists have found further evidence that dolphins call each other by "name".

Research has revealed that the marine mammals use a unique whistle to identify each other.

A team from the University of St Andrews in Scotland found that when the animals hear their own call played back to them, they respond.  Read full article here




10 Black Child Geniuses You Should Know

by Amir Shaw


(Rolling Out) The face of black success isn't limited to the fields that are occupied by Jay-Z, Beyonce and LeBron James. There are a multitude of young blacks who are achieving at a high level in science, math, classical music, chess and other knowledge-based areas and preparing to change society.


Learn about the 10 Black Geniuses you should know here


Giving White People The Illusion Of Darker Skin Makes Them Less Racist

By Shaunacy Ferro 



(Popular Science)  Researchers, a collaboration between Royal Holloway University of London, the Central European University in Budapest and Radboud University Nijmegen in the Netherlands, believe that illusion can help make some Caucasians less racist.


According to the article,"The study suggests that racial biases aren't necessarily cemented by adulthood, but that they can be altered."

Rubber Hand Illusion:  Maister et. al

Teenager invents revolutionary device which has the potential to charge a cell phone within just 20 SECONDS


(Daily Mail) 18-year-old Esha Khare has attracted the attention of tech giants Google for her potentially revolutionary invention which charges a phone in 20 seconds flat. Read more


Eesha Khare, 18, of Saratoga, Calif., received the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000 for the invention of a tiny energy-storage device

Teen Won't Be Charged for Science Experiment


Jenée Desmond-Harris


(The Root) - When 16-year-old Kiera Wilmot was arrested for causing a small explosion on the campus of her Florida high school in what some called a "science experiment gone bad," the possible felony charges and up to five years in prison that she faced became a national story.

Now, after a crowdfunded legal defense fund raised more than $8,000 to cover her potential legal fees, and a petition in defense of the teen received more than 200,000 signatures, prosecutors have decided not to charge her.



Kikwete opens new Science Building to boost agricultural research in sub-Saharan Africa


Written by Isa Chuki

(Africa Science News)


President Kikwete of Tanzania has Tuesday inaugurated a new science building of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) in Dar es Salaam whose construction represents an investment of over US$4 million.

This multi-million dollar facility will host up to 70 researchers to repress and combat hunger and poverty throughout the Sub-Saharan African region. The building will allow national partners and students to use the state-of-the-art and environmentally friendly space efficiently. Read more



Scientists Back Kiera Wilmot

Tracy Clayton

May 7, 2013

(The Root) -- In a show of solidarity, users are tweeting stories of things they blew up while learning science in school.  Wilmot, who has a sterling behavioral record, was expelled from school after her science experiment caused a small explosion in which no one was hurt and no damage was caused. She was also charged with possession and discharge of a weapon on school grounds and discharging a destructive device, both felonies for which she will be tried as an adult. Many are outraged over the harsh punishment, citing her treatment as a reason that there are so few women and girls -- black women and girls, especially -- in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) careers.

Read the full article here.


Florida Teen Girl Charged With Felony After Science Experiment "Goes Bad."



On 7 a.m. on Monday, the 16 year-old mixed some common household chemicals in a small 8 oz water bottle on the grounds of Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida. The reaction caused the top to pop up and produced some smoke. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.  


Read more by clicking here.

22 year-old Nigerian Breaks Academic Record at John Hopkins University

Emmanuel Ohuabunwa not only graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a degree in neuroscience, but he did so with a 3.98 GPA.  That’s an academic record!  Read more...



Kenya begins construction of 'silicon' city Konza

(BBC News Africa)

Kenya's president has launched a $14.5bn (£9.1bn) project to build a new city intended to be an IT business hub and dubbed "Africa's Silicon Savannah".  

Read the full story here.


The Father of All Men is 340,000 Years Old - and from Cameroon! (Link to paper)

(New Scientist Magazine)

March 13, 2013 by Colin Barras


An African American named Albert Perry carried a secret in his DNA: a Y chromosome so distinctive that it reveals new information about the origin of our species. It shows that the last common male ancestor down the paternal line of our species is over twice as old as we thought.


Digging deeper, Michael Hammer's genetics team at the University of Arizona in Tucson examined an African database of nearly 6000 Y chromosomes and found similarities between Perry's and those in samples taken from 11 men, all living in one village in Cameroon. This may indicate where in Africa Perry's ancestors hailed from...Read the full story here and Here is a link to the research paper.



Ghana's John Mahama launches Hope City project

(CNN) March 4, 2013


Ghana's President John Mahama has launched a project to build a $10bn (£6.6bn) IT hub near the capital, Accra, within three years.

Read the full story here.


MAKE Magazine Interviews NASA Administrator Charles Bolden

March 8th, 2013


Jane Wright, Oncology Pioneer, Dies at 93



Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Bosh Campaign For More Programmers (video)

Tomio Geron, Forbes Staff  



As any tech company can tell you, there is a major shortage of engineers in the U.S., particularly computer programmers., a non-profit founded by entrepreneurs Hadi Partovi and his brother Ali Partovi, is launching a campaign to try to get more computer science courses and more students studying programming. The group shot a short film (click here), bringing together famous entrepreneurs and celebrities who encourage students to get into programming.


theGrio’s 100: Kat Calvin, founder of ‘Black Girls Hack’


Kat Calvin (Courtesy Kat Calvin)



Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) To Give Away 43 Scholarships at $2,500 Each

-- Deadline is February 25, 2013 --

Washington, DC (February 5, 2013) -- The 2013 Congressional Black Caucus Foundation General Mills Health Scholarship Program will provide scholarships for students who plan to continue their education in the fields of medicine, engineering, technology, nutrition or another health-related field and have financial need.

The deadline is February 25, 2013.  

Click here for full article


For more details, visit:

For other scholarships available in 2013, visit:




Barrington Irving was the youngest and the first black pilot to fly solo around the globe.

 | Posted: January 29, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Kevin Winter/Getty Images




1st black female computer science PhD student at Univ. of Michigan reveals lack of role models


“Am I really the first?”


That was the first thought that came to mind when Kyla McMullen, 29, found out she would soon become University of Michigan’s first African-American female computer science PhD alumna this past year.  Click Here For Full Story

First-grader creates mobile app video game
Written by  
Thursday, 17 January 2013 16:41
First-grader Zora Ball has become the youngest individual to create a full version of a mobile application video game, which she unveiled last month in the University of Pennsylvania’s Bodek Lounge during the university’s “Bootstrap Expo.”  Full Article Here.
Harambee first-grade programmer Zora Ball. -- PHOTO/HARAMBEE INSTITUTE

African-American science fair attracts record numbers of students to buck the odds in Silicon Valley


Experts Say More Minority STEM Programs are Vital to National Growth

December 4, 2012

by Cherise Lesesne

According to a recent report released by the President’s Council of Advisory on Science and Technology (PCAST), investing resources in secondary and postsecondary science education could be a key ingredient for rebuilding a nation as technologically advanced as China’s. Full Article


Obama's Science Report Card

A look at what the President achieved during his first term in the areas of health, space science, energy, environment, and science education.



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